Flush Mount Anchor in Beige

Kid Safe Pool Nets offer two different anchors types.  Both are equally safe, but differ in installation method and size.
Flush Mount Anchor
As the name suggests, these anchors fit flush in your pool deck.  They are a permanant installation and can only be removed by destroying the anchor with a drill.  We drill a 3/4 inch hole in the deck with a diamond core drill and insert the anchor into the hole.  The installed anchor is about the size of a quarter lying on your deck. We offer different colors to match most decks.

Surface mount anchor

Surface Mount Anchors
These anchors are installed with two screws, which allows minimal damage to the pool deck.  In most cases, the screws can even be located into the grout lines between the pavers (as shown).  This is a removable solution.  Once the Net is no longer needed, the screws can be removed and the anchor can be taken away.  All that remains are two 3/16 inch holes from the screws which can easily be filled with grout. These anchors are about 2 inches long and 3/4 inch wide.  They are also about 1/8 inch high, but the edges are rounded to prevent tripping over them.  They also offer two attachment locations.  Please note that some of the screw holes may be in the actual pavers in instances where we have to angle the anchors to properly secure the net.  However, these will be minimal. ‚Äč