Product Specifications:                         Updated June 2018

Kid Safe Pool Nets were tested with the following specifications to meet or exceed ASTM F1346-91(2018)

Main Net:
Mesh Size                         3.5 Inches
Braid diameter                  4mm
Tension Lines                   3/8 inch
Nylon Pulleys                   2 ¾ inch body length
                                         Pulley Wheel 1 inch diameter, 5/16 inch width.
Net Strength                    Tested to 485lbs to exceed ASTM F1346-91 static load requirements (on pools greater than 8')
Expected Life                   7 to 10 years

Installation Fittings:
Surface Mount Plates       3.5 Inch Plate with two anchor positions and two 3/16 inch screw holes
                                         Glass filled nylon for increased resistance to sun and chemicals
                                          Available in assorted colors.

Flush Mount                      ¾ inch diameter barrel with flanges and lip
                                          1.5 inch depth
                                          Brass or glass filled Nylon
                                          Nylon available in assorted colors

Anchor Hook                     4mm Stainless steel wire hook, with deformed head.

Alternate Anchors              ¼ inch Stainless Steel eyebolts
                                           ¼ inch threaded Stainless Steel drop-in anchors
                                           Stainless Steel S-Hooks (Gate Hook) (Min .141 x 1.5 Inch)

Swimming Pool Safety is YOUR Responsibility

Kid Safe Pool Nets, Inc. warrants the Kid Safe Pool Net to be free of defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service for a period of three years from installation. The Manufacturer, at their discretion, will repair or replace any defects in the net to ensure its continued use and operation.

This warranty does not extend to misuse of the net or fittings, including damage caused by animals or damage caused by hot objects (eg: barbecues). Further, the warranty does not extend to the pool decking or coping (or other fastening surface).

 Kid Safe Pool Nets, Inc. makes no other express or implied representation or warranties of any kind, as to the use of the product, the effectiveness of the product for a particular purpose or any other matter except those described here.

 In the event that the product fails to meet the warranty standards as described above, the Manufacturer will repair or replace the product. The manufacturer will bear no other expense, including labor costs of any kind. The Purchaser's only remedy for breach of warranty, including in the case of negligence, is limited to the repair or replacement of the net as described above.